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Felt Filter Bag
Felt Filter Bag

Felt Filter Bag

    Polypropylene Micron Felt Bags
    Polyester Micron Felt Bags

    Made up of non-woven micron felt bag filters, Single side singed/glazed to prevent loose fiber migration.

    HL needle felt filter bag filtration precision scope from 0.5-300 micron, the pockets with the stainless steel, galvanized steel, PE / PP engineering plastic sealing ring.              


FDA compliant non-woven felt, 100% free from silicon contamination

Single layer depth media composites

0.5 - 300 micron range

Easy for installation

Double seals to prevent liquid bypass

Fits and seals in most brands of standard bag housings

Patented SDS&STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings

Wide chemical compatibilities

Large contaminant retention capacities, extended service lies

Change-out differential pressure 0.10 MPa, Max.0.16MPa

Optional Felt Bag Seam Styles:

Sewn Details: 1.Industry standard make 2.5 line system when sewing 3.Strong construction for that heavy dirt holding capacity

Welded Details: 1.No needle holes 2.No thread contamination 3.Precision bonded cutting of the fabric edges 4.Maintain same efficiency as filter media

Optional Rings

Steel Ring

Galvanized steel (stainless steel option)

Sewn into the top of the bag

Cotton handle is standard with steel ring configuration

Designed to gasket as well as support and secure filter bag when placed into housing

Plastic Ring

Molded plastic with built-in handle makes installation and disposal faster, cleaner and less expensive

Just drop into housing and push down

Smooth plastic designs prevent build-up of contaminants around header

Collar is sewn or welded into place to ensure that plastic media remain firmly intact

Draw String

Adjustable top diameter to make easy tie on to piping

Great for gravity feed applications

Easy disposal

Economical filter applications

Auto coating & paint

Water purification & processing


Food & Beverage

Bulk & fine chemicals


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