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Carbon Filter Bag
Carbon Filter Bag Carbon Filter Bag Carbon Filter Bag

Carbon Filter Bag

    Carbon filter bag, effective removal of chlorine, odor, asbestos, mercury, load & other types of heavy metals and toxic organic chemicals. All activated carbon materials are natural material loose integration, practical ,no adhesive and will not cause any change.

Large capacity of activated carbon capacity, 1 # and 5# bags can hold 2.5 KG activated carbon: 2# filter bag can hold 5 kg of activated carbon. You can use a variety of micron ratings,entrapment efficiency is as high as above 90%.

For # 1, # 5 activated carbon filter bag.Recommended flow rate no more than 6 m3 / H, for 2# activated carbon filter bag and flow controlsystem in 12 m3 / H is advisable.

The best replacement differential in 1.2 to 2.0 Bar.

With a wide range of chemical adaptability.

Iodine rating 1,000 mg/g

Iodine adsorption efficiency > 99.9%

Methylene rating 195 mg/g

Methylene Blue de-colorization > 160 mg/g

Benzene adsorption capacity > 30%

CTC adsorption > 75%

PH rating 7~9

Chemically compatible to strong acid and alkali

Low flammability

  • Water purification & removal of cyanide, fluoride, chlorine, organic  chloride, TCE, ions, microbes, bacteria, odour, etc. Widely used in bottled  water and beverage processing, liquor processing and Pharmaceutical  liquid de-coloring, etc
  • Waste water treatment & removal of heavy metal, inorganic/ organic  compound, dyes, chloroform, PCBs, phenol, dactyl phthalate, Cr (VI); also  change Au(III)-AU, Ag+-Ag, Pt(VI)-Pt++, Hg++-Hg+, Fe(III)-Fe++, etc.  Reclaiming of benzoic compounds, ketonic compounds, esters, alcohol  compounds, petrol compounds, precious metals, VOCs and BTEXs.

  • Liquid purification in paint, auto, electronics,semiconductors, synthetic fiber,  chemical, petrol-chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical industries, etc. Gas purification & removal of SOx, NOx, H2S, etc.

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